We Buy Keyless FOBS

About Us - We Buy Your Keyless Entry Remotes

What is We Buy Key Fobs?

Well our name says it all.....We buy key fobs! You are probably asking "what the heck do you do with them?" Good question. We refurbish the remotes, clean them up, make sure they are working, put batteries in them, and then offer them to the public, along with programming instructions, at substantially lower prices than dealers charge. It is really that simple, get them in, get them working, get them sold!

Who sells to We Buy Key Fobs?

Mostly dealerships, auctions, salvage yards, insurance companies, tow companies, or any other place for that matter that has access to larger quantities of vehicle keyless entry remotes! We have found that there are many key fobs just sitting in boxes that people had no idea that they were worth money. So if you have them....turn that trash into cash!