Our Pricing.

Our pricing breaks key fobs down into three basic categories: Smart Keys, Remote Head & Flip Keys, and Standard Key Fobs. Check out our current prices per category below.

Earn Up To $$$ per key fob!
Smart Keys

Smart Keys

Earn The Most Extra Cash!

Earn Up To $$ per key fob!
Remote Head & Flip Keys

Remote Head & Flip Keys

Earn More Extra Cash!

Earn Up To $ per key fob!
Standard Key Fobs

Standard Key Fobs

Earn Extra Cash!

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How We Determine Price.

We Buy Key Fobs pays very competitive prices for your key fobs. A lot of customers ask, what do you pay for remotes? This is a difficult question to answer if we do not have the remote in our hands.

Our pricing method is based on multiple items, and it changes daily, like the stock market. To give you a better idea of how our pricing method works, here is a list of some of the items we look at when determining price for a remote:

  1. Supply and Demand. If a remote is in short supply and has a high demand, then it will have a higher price. Reversely, if there is an overstock of a remote and not a high demand it will have a lower price.
  2. Year of Vehicle. Typically the newer the vehicle, the higher the price paid.
  3. Style of Remote. We classify our remotes in 3 categories:
    • Smart Key (highest price point)
    • Remote Head & Flip Key (2nd highest price point)
    • Standard Key Fob(3rd highest price point)

How To Get A Quote

Step 1

Lay your fobs button side up on a flat surface in groups of similar key fobs.

(blurry photos are impossible to appraise)

Step 2

Snap an in-focus picture of your key fobs.

(see image for example)

Step 3

Submit your photo by completing this quote form.

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