Why Us?

“We Buy Key Fobs makes the process of selling our extra fobs super easy!”

— Dominick P.

This Is What You Get...

Live Support


Phone Robots are the worst.

Have you ever ended a call with a robot feeling better than when you started the call? No?

That’s why you get a real person ready to answer all of your key fob selling questions.

And bonus, we don’t outsource.

You deserve the best support. And that’s exactly what you get.

“I have ACTUALLY had contact with the staff here.”

— T.W.

“I chose We Buy Key Fobs because your customer service was always available and helpful, especially Alisha, she was who I worked with.”

— Brian C.

Money In The Bank


Or your wallet. Or your pocket. Or your hands.

It’s your money, you’ll do whatever you want with it.

“Your prices were way better than other competition.”

— James M.

Cash Loyalty Rewards


We Buy Key Fobs customers are rewarded for their repeat business.

After completing a transaction, customers can receive a coupon valued at 10% of the corresponding transaction.

That coupon can then be redeemed with the next qualifying shipment, earning customers even more cash per transaction!

Learn more about the We Buy Key Fobs Rewards program here.


— Greg P., Auto Recycling Industry

This Is What You Don't Get...


Shipping Fees

Whether you're selling 10 or 100 key fobs, you are never out anything with us.

We will always pay for your shipping. *

“Sent my package on a Tuesday (that they paid to ship) had my check 6 days later!!”

— Kevin J.


Minimum Shipment Requirements (You Have Zero Restrictions)

When you sell to We Buy Key Fobs, you do NOT have to squirrel away unwanted car remotes until you’ve got a large enough stash to sell.

You can sell exactly when you’re ready.

“I took a chance and I am very pleased.”

— John H., Auto Recycling Industry

Sell 1. Sell 100. Sell 1,000.

Sell what you want, when you want.

“Offered a great price and took a wide range of remotes I had.”

— Roger B., Locksmithing Industry


Difficult Selling Process (Making Money Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This)

Our three-step selling process is so simple and revolutionary, other key fob buyers have tried to copy us.

“Much easier to deal with than other places that buy keys and fobs.”

— Jason K.

“Previous dealings were GREAT!!! I just send the fobs and they senc you a check... Can’t get any easier!”

— Mike K., Auto Recycling Industry

This Is Who You're Supporting...

Small American Business

Believe it or not, We Buy Key Fobs is a small, locally-owned, American business.

When you sell to us, you’re not only creating a competitive environment in the key fob industry...

...(which is good for you since more competition means more money per key fob)...

...you’re also keeping the American Dream alive for this business that started out as a one-man-show in a basement.

Your Planet

If you couldn’t sell unwanted key fobs, what would you do with them? Throw them away?

Every key fob you sell is one less piece of garbage you and thousands of others would otherwise throw away...

And one more chance to encourage a green lifestyle to consumers, while also promoting the entire auto recycling industry.

Your Industry

We Buy Key Fobs partnered with select industry-specific organizations to form donation programs you’ll be excited to be a part of.

While you’re off doing your own thing, selling key fobs, earning cash, working your automotive pro magic like a boss...

...you’re also donating to an association you love and trust.

Recyclers can:

Learn More Here

Towers can:

Learn More Here

These Are More Thoughts From Key Fob Sellers...

“You guys & gals @ We Buy Key Fobs were the fairest company that I looked at. Your prices are great, and everything about the process was so simple and transparent. Not to mention your payment was always on time with no problems... Looking forward to doing business with you guys and you guys ONLY moving forward.”

— Courtney B., Auto Repair Industry

“WBKF provided me with a prepaid label, donates to ARA, and also provides me with the option to receive my payment through PayPal.”

— Presley J., Auto Recycling Industry

“Prices are competitive and also turn around on getting paid was great. And when I call about any questions they are answered promptly and correct.”

— Sara M., Auto Dealership Industry

*We will always pay for shipping with prepaid shipping labels. Except when we can’t. :( Only shipments with 10 or more key fobs qualify for free shipping. If you are located outside of the US, we cannot send you prepaid shipping labels, but we do offer a shipping reimbursement option of $19.95 USD.