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Here's how you do it:

  1. Request your free shipping label to send us your key fobs for sale.

  2. Check on June's Hot Deals.

  3. Ship your key fobs, packages must be received by the Hot Deal expiration date of June 30th.

* Please note that guaranteed pricing is only valid for a limited time (see June's Deals for expiration date). Only shipments with 10 or more key fobs qualify for free shipping. Prices are only guaranteed for key fobs we buy that are in excellent working condition and exact Hot Deal matches (check FCCIDs, because some key fobs look very similar).

Current Hot Deals


Select Mazda Smart Keys $30


Must be in good condition.

    Button configuration must be;
  • Lock, Unlock, Trunk, Panic OR
  • Lock, Unlock, Hatch, Panic
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