ARA Members Make A Difference While Also Earning Cash.

“We are proud to partner with We Buy Key Fobs, a strong supporter of ARA and the professional automotive recycling industry.”

— David Gold, ARA President

ARA Members Influence The Automotive Recycling Industry In More Ways Than One...

You can make a difference by selling your unwanted car remotes to We Buy Key Fobs.


Back in 2017, we teamed up with ARA to create a donation program: For every key fob sold to us by an ARA member, ARA receives a donation from We Buy Key Fobs.

The ARA donation program gives ARA members a way to indirectly donate to an association that defends and influences their industry.

And it’s working.

Every year the program continues to grow and our partnership with ARA deepens.

Here’s what this program has accomplished thanks to ARA members:

  • The amount we donated in 2020: $4,432
  • The amount we have donated since the program started: $10,500
  • Amount we paid out to members in 2019: $97,000
  • The average amount paid out per shipment: $584
  • 64,321 key have been bought since the program started
  • Nearly 10% of all ARA members sold to us

But it doesn’t stop there…

ARA members who sell to We Buy Key Fobs also help sustain an eco-friendly market.

Once the key fobs change hands…

...those old, unwanted pieces of junk go through a rigorous refurbishing process to get them back in tip-top shape…

...then they’re reintroduced to the market at an affordable price. (You ever seen the price of a brand new key fob? They’re expensive!)

It’s the perfect end result for an automotive recycler.

That’s how ARA members make a difference with every transaction.

(while also earning cash for themselves)

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