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Want to get an idea of how much your key fobs will be worth before you commit to sending them in? Try requesting a quote.

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Group Your Keys

Step 1: Group your key fobs

Group your key fobs into like categories based on their looks.

Position them all buttons up and make sure there’s no overlapping.

Snap a Pic

Step 2: Snap a pic

Take an in-focus picture of your key fobs. Blurry photos cannot be appraised for a quote.

If you have a lot of key fobs, feel free to take multiple pictures.

Complete The Form

Step 3: Complete the Quote Request form

Fill out the quote request form and include your key fob pictures to complete your request.

It’s that easy.

If you like what you see, request your free shipping label and send your key fobs to us.

Shipments with 10 or more key fobs qualify for free shipping.

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