TRAA Members Make A Difference While Also Earning Cash.

You can make a difference by selling your unwanted car remotes to We Buy Key Fobs.


TRAA and We Buy Key Fobs just teamed up to create a donation program specifically for you: For every key fob sold to us by a TRAA member, TRAA receives a donation from We Buy Key Fobs.

TRAA Members Influence The Towing and Recovery Industry In More Ways Than One...

As a TRAA member, you are responsible for many of the positive influences of the Towing and Recovery industry. Such as…

...excellent and professional customer service,

...fair competition and good relations with other associations and companies,

...and expert representation at the federal level when it comes to your industry’s interests.

And now you can add one more incredible accomplishment to your ever-growing list—promoting and participating in a more eco-friendly automotive industry.

What The TRAA Donation Program Does For You

This donation program has three important achievements for you:

  1. Every transaction you have with We Buy Key Fobs supports TRAA, which in turn helps the industry grow by providing educational products and support, and sponsoring industry relevant events and meetings.
  2. Every key fob sold is one less piece of junk that ends up in a landfill. Once sold, the key fobs go through a rigorous refurbishing process before being reintroduced to the market at more affordable costs for consumers.
  3. Every sale you make is money in your pocket. Period.

How Can I Make Sure My Sale Is Contributing to TRAA?

The best way to make your key fob sale count towards the TRAA donation program is to check the TRAA Member checkbox on your packing slip.

What’s The Deal With We Buy Key Fobs? This Sounds A Bit Too Good To Be True

If you’ve never heard of us…

If you’ve never sold a key fob to us…

If you didn’t even know you could sell key fobs to earn cash for yourself…

Then the idea of earning cash while donating to an association you love at the same time can sound a bit too good to be true.

We get it. You think unwanted key fobs are junk. Something to throw away. You don’t look at an old car remote and immediately think, “I can make money off of this.”

If that’s what you think, you may have forgotten, “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

Old car remotes might not be worth much to you...

...but to your neighbor who lost his on a camping trip...

...or the grocer at your favorite store who dropped hers in the parking lot and didn’t realize it...

...those old remotes are valuable, cost-effective replacements.

And that’s why we’re willing to pay you for them.

As for the donation portion, TRAA is an important organization, not just for you, but for the entire automotive industry. Like you, we believe in the good work they do and want to support them.

Here’s what our other donation programs have accomplished thanks to automotive associations like TRAA:

  • Over 40,000 key fobs have been purchased from auto association members alone,
  • The donation amount doubled in 2019,
  • And in 2019 auto association members were paid nearly $97,000 for their unwanted key fobs.

That’s how TRAA members make a difference with every transaction

(while also earning cash for themselves)

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